HONG CHI ASSOCIATION Hong Chi is a non-profit making organization in Hong Kong dedicated to serving over 7,000 people of all ages and all grades of intellectual disabilities. We now operate 87 service units, including 13 special schools, which provide pre-school training, special education, job training, sheltered and supported employment, adult education, day care and training, residential services, family and community support, recreational and social programmes, as well as professional therapy.

DIRECTION ASSOCIATION FOR THE HANDICAPPED The Direction Association for the Handicapped set up a social enterprise that aims at creating job opportunities for the handicapped those with physical disabilities and encourages them to live up to their potential. Some projects we undertake cover areas like web development, animation, design, and selling souvenirs. In 2013, we implemented the Adversity Quantity Training Programme to assist public and private organizations in improving their employees’ ability to tackle adversities. 

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PHAB ASSOCIATION The concept was further consolidated and eventually Hong Kong PHAB Association was established on 19th October 1972, responsible for the overall coordination and promotion of PHAB work within the community.  The missions of the Association are to promote equal participation, mutual respect and integration for persons with and without disabilities; to develop diversified and socially desirable services and activities, and to transform the "PHAB Integration" from a work approach to a lifestyle, so that the general public could embrace the concept of "PHAB Integration" in their everyday life.

BANGLADESH PROTIBANDHI KALLYAN SOMITY BPKS is a non-governmental, self-help organisation of persons with disabilities (PWDs), committed to directly working with PWDs to enable them to be self-reliant and to contribute to the development of a non-discriminatory society for all.

The organisation's goal is equality and opportunity in all activities by emphasising the needs of PWDs through ensuring the attainment of their equal rights, equal access to all opportunities and full participation in national-building activities

WORKABILITY THAILAND  Workability Thailand as a meeting of entrepreneur who sacrifice themselves to public to create the capability development and giving a position to disabled. Lead by 8 important institutes to focus on reinforce strength and develop the operation standard of enterprise for social advantage part, for disabled part and for one who is disadvantage part to be the vital key for making chances and integrate cooperation from every sections to manage careers for disabled and  one who is disadvantage stably.

THE HONG KONG SOCIETY FOR THE DEAF  The Hong Kong Society for The Deaf is a non-profit making organization which aims to promote the well being of the hearing impaired and seeks to ensure equalization of opportunities for hearing impaired persons.

LIGHT FOR THE WORLD  LIGHT FOR THE WORLD is an international disability and development organization whose vision is an inclusive society where no one is left behind. We strive for accessible eye care services and support inclusive education, empowering persons with disabilities to participate equally in society.