Director / Patrick Yeh / Taiwan


 Mr. Patrick Ying-Ping YEH, President of Eden Social Welfare Foundation【Taiwan】.  Mr. Patrick Ying-Ping YEH from Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan has been volunteering as the member in the Board of Director for the past ten years. As an Executive Director, he is mainly in charge of the gospel and welfare also international affairs, distributing resources from abroad to around 80 service centers of EDEN within Taiwan. Besides being in charge of brother organization and overseas branch office affairs, he has connected outside resources to Kuala Lumpur and Penang in Malaysia, also our Vietnam Service Center in Ho Chi Minh City, China Sichuan service centers – set up for the 512 earthquake victims – which have now been transferred from rehabilitation service centers to a social enterprise.  Mr. YEH is glad to share the EDEN Taiwan local experience with international participants, as well as to bring back precious feedback all the times.